[Album]: Ras Kimono – What’s Gwan

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Full album mp3 full music/tracks download: Ras Kimono What’s Gwan

Listen & Download What’s Gwan Album (All Tracks), the 1990 sophomore studio album of Nigerian reggae artist Ras Kimono.

Kimono wrote and composed the songs, while its arrangement was handled by Monyaka Enahoro.

It’s no surprise this songs still remains relevant to this day.

Cop them below.

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DOWNLOAD 1. Ras Kimono Whats Gwan Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 2. Ras Kimono Rub-A-Dub Master Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 3. Ras Kimono Jah Guide Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 4. Ras Kimono Do The Ska Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 5. Ras Kimono Natty Get Jail Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 6. Ras Kimono Slavery Days Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 7. Ras Kimono Kimono De Want Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 8. Ras Kimono Rastafari Chant Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 9. Ras Kimono Bonus Track Mp3 HQ

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