Aqua – Barbie Girl

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And… we have yet another chartdestroyer, people!

Barbie Girl is an eurodance song by Danish-Norwegian dance-pop/eurodance group Aqua. It was released as a single in May 1997 and then eventually included on the debut studio album Aquarium.  Aqua wrote and produced the song (with co-production from Delgado and Johnny Jam).

After its release, the song spread like wildfire, captivating audiences with its infectious melody and upbeat instrumentals. And as if that wasn’t enough, along came the infamous lawsuit by Barbie doll maker Mattel, adding gasoline to the inferno.

And the result? the single becoming Aqua’s biggest hit and most popular recording.

Albeit it peaked at number seven (7) on the US Billboard Hot 100, the single still reached number one (1) on the UK Singles chart as well as in fourteen (14) other countries.

More so, the song was certified 3x platinum in the UK and 2 other countries, platinum in 4 countries and diamond in France.

Finally Ladies and Gentleguys, issa vibe! ?

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