[Album]: Blackky – About Tyme

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Free album mp3 full music/tracks: Blackky – About Tyme

Listen & Download About Time (All Tracks), the 1991 debut album of Blackky.

Born Nya Edward Inyang, he stormed the Nigerian music scene with his fluid raga raps, zest and dance-friendly hit songs, all of which were almost impossible to ignore or go unnoticed.

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DOWNLOAD 1. "Blackky’s Skank" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 2. "Di Gun" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 3. "Campus Girl" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 4. "Tribute" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 5. "Rosie" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 6. "Sugar Stick" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 7. "Wonderful Mum" Mp3 HQ

DOWNLOAD 8. "Rosie (Dub)" Mp3 HQ

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